before we continue to sub vids, we’d just to like to say that topsubs is only a temporary subbing team. it was created by Eunmi who is an admin on 6teensontop (teen top’s international forum) because our 6tot subbing team is lacking and we don’t have enough dedicated subbers to sub all these teen top vids (hence the reason not all of the MTA/RTJ eps are subbed -we’re very sorry for the convenience) so she decided to take matters in her own hands. when 6tot finally gets a reliable subbing team, topsubs will be closed. i hope that you guys support 6totsubs from then on and that the people who help us with topsubs will apply for a job on 6tot. 

in other news, we’re looking for japanese and korean translators. at the moment, we’re in dire need of a japanese translator because teen top has recently been on K-Pop Zone and Star VJ Show which are both in japanese.

lastly, i’d like to introduce our team. we are a very small team and there are only 3 official members of this team. 




we are looking for:

  • translators
  • timers
  • encoders
  • typesetters

if you are interested, please message us ^^


Hey guys, some Teen Top videos, as you know, are english subbed. Usually by those at the 6TOT or by Top Subs. However, there’s been a slow release of eng subbed videos because there isn’t enough korean —> english translators. So, if anyone is willing to help (you must know korean lol) please message me ^^ we’d really appreciate it!

「 ۵ 」